“I am passionate about helping women rediscover and reclaim their birthright and be their most powerful and beautiful selves by engaging female energy, spirit, sensuality and sexuality.”

~ Dan Powers

“I am passionate about helping women to discover and reclaim their birthright to be the beautiful and powerful selves through their female energy, spirit, sensuality and sexuality.”

~ Daka Dan

Dan Powers, the Intimacy Coach

Dan Powers

Dan Powers has been a sex educator for over 15 years. He weaves together an eclectic education filled with practical application and applies it to his engineering background making him a sought after international speaker and educator.

Dan’s past and current work includes:

Erotic Blueprint Coach™ – Dan coaches individuals and couples through The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course which is a transformative system designed to inspire deep connection and increase sexual satisfaction. Perhaps you have desires waiting to be fulfilled, but you don’t how to get your needs met. Using the Erotic Blueprints as the framework, Dan supports you through the process of identifying and understanding your unique pathway to your erotic nature.

Working together with the Erotic Blueprint Types™ you’re handed the keys holds to unlock more passion and pleasure in your life. Take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz™ below. It’s the first step in helping create a package that would best suit you. Once you have the results, our work can begin. Here’s the link: Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz. 

Accelerated Evolution Coach – Accelerated Evolution techniques are verbally-guided transformative experiences that can dissolve inner conflict, unwind emotional knots, and release energies stored after intense emotional experiences. What naturally emerges as a result of these practices is more ease and greater peace of mind.

The Center for Genital Health and Education – Dan helps coordinate research projects conducted at the Center and manages the day-to-day operations of running a non-profit organization.

VulvaLove -Dan works with his life partner Elizabeth Wood and Dee Hartmann to teach women’s empowerment.

Back to the Body – As the former Director of Back to the Body, Dan was tasked with producing retreats for women around the world. Not only was he the Director, but Dan was also a senior hands-on bodywork practitioner and trainer.

Beyond the Bedroom – As the Founder of Beyond the Bedroom, Dan offered sex education to the general public through several consumer-based conferences and workshops.

MaleInAmerica – Dan co-produced an event designed to offer a common language of support for men to reducing feelings of shame around their sexuality.

Dan is a member of:


What Clients Say

A great impact on my life…

Dan builds trust from the moment you meet, which creates a safe, honoring session. His guidance empowered me in setting my boundaries, in loving my form, and in exploring my sexuality. Going to some edges and discovering my enjoyment, has quite simply changed the course of my life. I found my voice, I let go of layers of shame, I reconnected to my vibrancy.

~ D.B.

What Clients Say

I learned new avenues of pleasure…

I have had several sessions with Dan and cannot speak highly enough of the impact his work has made in my life. I came to Dan at the tail end of a 25 year marriage where my body had shut down sexually. I had worried I was unable to feel pleasure until these sessions proved otherwise!

I learned new avenues of pleasure for me, and now I guide women to reconnect with their vibrant selves. 

~ D.B.

What Clients Say

More intimate and expansive marriage…

I was initially called to work with Dan, through my interest in Tantra and the relationship between spirituality and sexuality. I have been an energy worker for many years and continue to be interested in more fully accessing and utilizing my body’s energetic information, guidance and power. I have been married for over thirty years and the work I did with Dan opened me to a way of being that has profoundly changed my life in every way. My relationship with my husband has become more intimate and expansive at the same time.

~ C.K.

What Clients Say

A deeper connection between myself and another…

Dan created strong and trustworthy boundaries and shared his knowledge and skill in a diverse and gentle manner. I was able to relax into pleasure and follow the rhythm of my body to receive a deeper connection between myself and another. I found the work to be revealing and opened me to areas where I have previously closed myself off due to trauma and self limiting beliefs.

I am grateful to Dan for his willingness to share this good work with others.

~ C.K.

What Clients Say

A gift and a blessing in my life…

“Working with Dan has opened my heart and my mind to new possibilities and experiences. He was sincere in wanting to understand my needs as well as my broken places. He approached my every challenge with a keen desire to bringing acceptance, healing and light. Dan’s patience’s, wisdom, warmth and kindness brought transformation and hope. Working with Dan has been a gift and a blessing in my life.”


What Clients Say

Truly contributed to my sense of self worth…

“I remember our first session and how important it was to me that you gave me honest feedback about my beauty and worth as a woman in our work together. You have done that unconditionally and it has truly contributed to my sense of self worth and the place I find that I am in now. I still have work to do, but as I look back on this process, I am just feeling so very grateful to you for helping me get to this place. Thank you for the work that you do.”


What Clients Say

Very safe and comfortable…

Working with Dan felt very safe and comfortable. Dan explains what he is doing before he starts so you do not have to be preoccupied with wondering what is happening. He communicates ground rules and helps you make a safe signal if you feel uncomfortable.

I had extremely low energy when I went to see Dan. After the session I was energized and my body became more alive.

~ F.C.

What Clients Say

Truly in service to the Goddess…

Dan is truly in service to the Goddess. He creates a safe, sacred space for erotic exploration. He introduced me to new and divine full-bodied pleasures. I’m more present and joyful in my continuously changing menopausal body. 

~ A.D.

What Clients Say

I feel sexy, alive, beautiful & powerful…

Working with Dan has liberated me because I have been able to form new perceptions of what it is to be a strong and beautiful female. I spent many years suppressing the passion I had within myself or hiding it from those whom I thought might reject me if they knew what was inside of me. I also have issues with my body image after giving birth to four children. It would be nice to say that I fully embrace my body as it is after meeting with Dan but I’m not there yet. He has, however, helped me to see my beauty beyond my body’s flaws. I feel sexy, alive, beautiful, powerful, and that I’m more than enough as I am.

~ F.B.

What Clients Say

The sessions were all about me…

Dan has helped me to form new healthy thoughts about boundaries with others, pleasure, relationships, communication, and how to be a strong woman. I learned how to work with my body and engage with it to put myself in the best position to receive more connection and sensations than I ever have. I have felt safe with every interaction I’ve ever had with him. Dan is a man of integrity. He is professional, great at communicating what to expect and holds to what he promises. He put me in the driver’s seat the whole time. The sessions were all about me and what I wanted in order to heal or move forward. Dan leaves his ego out of it and I trust him completely.

~ F.B.

Dan Powers – My Story

Waking Up

I grew up in the South where nobody ever talked about sex in a constructive, loving, or pleasure-based way. When I was first introduced to Tantra, a whole new world opened up for me. I learned how to have productive conversations about sex which led to the most amazing feelings of connection. I discovered the depths of sexual intimacy, open conversations about different possibilities and desires, and was able to express my desires in ways that were mutually beneficial to me and my partner.

Becoming a Daka

A “Daka” is a male educator/healer/guide who has the capacity to remain objectively present and grounded while purposefully employing erotic energy to evaluate, counsel and address a client’s deeply personal issues regarding sexuality, intimacy and relationships. As I became more well-rounded in my education around practical sexuality teachings I evolved into a Daka. What I learned in my journey as a Daka was that women had it even worse than I had expected or believed.

Change of Paradigm

Culturally, pleasure and sex seemed reserved for men to receive; women, it seemed were there to support men’s pleasure. That’s a hard belief to swallow. There is an old adage that says “when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” and I believe that to be true. Women for centuries have been cast as the temptress and the cause of men’s evil ways. Most of the blame, look at our laws, target the women. The scarlet letter was for the woman to bear. This is a very patriarchal point of view. I believe women have as much right to pleasure and sexuality as men. Yes, women bear a harsher reality to the negative outcome of casual sex such as pregnancy, but I believe we are all responsible. Women need to be as educated about the pleasures, value and health benefits that pleasure brings. Throughout my practice, I have seen how pleasure heals.

Engineering mindset

As a software engineer, I worked to apply systems to building software applications, processes, and structures. I decided to apply that skillset to become the Sexual Engineer I am today. I now have over 15-years of practical experience working with women to help them increase their pleasure. I utilize the most recent scientific research, utilize tools (toys), and create processes and structures that enhance the experience of my work.

A voracious learner

My education has taken me to many places and from each teaching I’ve incorporated the things that I felt relevant to supporting women in their growth as sexually empowered beings. For example, I have learned that stillness is a thing. While many men are busy trying to do something that involves a lot of motion, simply being still can feel richly rewarding to a woman. Female Ejaculation (squirting) is also a thing. I have learned the nuances of the different areas within the vagina that can bring intense pleasure in addition to evoking the elixir of life also known as female ejaculate.

Integrity is everything

In the time of the #MeToo movement, I have endeavored to practice with high integrity so as to create as safe a space as possible for women to learn and grow. I have had the support of incredible mentors to help guide me along this journey. I am human and I’ve made mistakes. I have taken responsibility and held myself accountable for whatever harm my mistakes created.

Integrity is extremely important in the process of building trust between me and every client I work with. Trust is something that I seek to earn in each and every interaction as it is earned over time. Trust can be lost in an instant. I adhere to a strong code of ethics that serve as the foundation of all of my work. 

My work, my practice

I call this a practice because my clients aren’t mathematical formulas that follow exacting principles. I am continuing to learn and apply teachings and skills I’ve learned over time in a way that addresses the uniqueness of each client. I strive to meet each one of my clients right where they are. Over time, I have learned to read the energy of my clients to help provide the best session I can deliver. I believe my success is attributed to focusing on what women want and need. I’ve patiently supported women who have processed through tears, screaming anger, giddy laughter and sheer excitement. Most of all, I create and provide a safe environment for women to nurturing their passion and pleasure so that they thrive.