What is your Core Erotic Blueprint™?

Knowing your Erotic Blueprints™ means knowing the fastest way to pleasure heaven!

Knowing your partner’s Erotic Blueprints™ will guide you in how to be an amazing lover to your partner.

EROTIC BLUEPRINT QUIZ will help you learn which type you are.


Understanding the Terrain of Your Arousal

Which are you?

Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, Shapeshifter?

Which is your partner?

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Know your Energetic Blueprint type:


The 5 Blueprint Types™:

ENERGETIC: Aroused by anticipation, space and tease. Prefers light or hovering touch, eye contact and emotional connection. They are very sensitive and need time to assimilate sexual touch; too much too fast turns them off.    VIDEO

SENSUAL: Aroused by having all of their senses engaged. Clean/un-chaotic mind and environment is very important; comfort, ambiance, romance and sensory play. Their biggest turn-off is being stuck in their head.  VIDEO

SEXUAL: Aroused by straightforward sex, nudity, orgasms, penetration and direct genital contact. Sex is fun and used to relax. They can get stuck in a limited view of sexuality and can be goal-oriented.   VIDEO

KINKY: Aroused by power dynamics, anything that feels taboo to them, creativity/fantasy in sexual play, and pushing edges. They often have deep shame about their taboo desires.   VIDEO

SHAPESHIFTER: Aroused by everything above, needs variety. Endlessly creative but need a partner who is also equally as adventurous. Sometimes they shift to be what others want them to be instead of owning their own sexuality.   VIDEO

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