“It’s time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is. A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation.”

~ Marcus Allen

Private Intimacy Coaching Sessions – What to Expect



 My promise to you

What to expect in private intimacy coaching sessions with me?

This page holds my promise to you. I understand that human sexuality is a very vulnerable space to be in. I honor that and I understand each person is in their own place at any given moment. I hold space for their unfolding. The following lists who I am and more importantly who I am not. I understand that I am a man working with women at their most vulnerable. I take that very seriously.

Even if all we have is a phone conversation, and it gives you all the support you need, then I have done my job. My preferred method of working is using somatic (“of the body”) sex education. I offer phone, Zoom, or Skype conversations as well. Studies have shown however that talk therapy is about 20% effective while somatic therapy is about 80% effective. Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

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Private Intimacy Coaching Sessions – Privacy and Safety

 Safe and respectful communication:

  • I am someone who listens well. If at any time you feel I haven’t heard you, I invite you to reach out to me to clarify any misunderstanding.
  • I do my best to communicate clearly. If you are unsure about anything I have said, I invite you to ask for further clarification on any matter. 
  • I do not judge who you are or what your dreams are.  I will guide you and support you as you fulfill them.
  • I will clearly communicate and hold agreements and boundaries.

My role as an intimacy coach:

  • I am a teacher, coach, sexuality engineer, consultant, sex educator, support, and guide.
  • I continually seek to expand my knowledge base and improve my offerings to you.
  • I attend professional conferences and workshops.
  • I supplement my education by reading, through peer-based discussion, and my own experimentation.
  • I will maintain a professional attitude and commit to professional conduct at all times.
  • I am supported by my own coach. 

Privacy and confidentiality:

  • Your privacy is one of my utmost concerns. I will never speak publicly about you to anyone or without your explicit consent.
  • I will respect and defend your privacy with anything that is said to me as long as it will not cause you harm and does not create harm for others.
  • I am a public figure and a person who attends public functions. If at any time you see me in a public place or space, please understand I will protect your privacy.
  • I will never contact you through social media nor will I friend you without your initial invitation.
  • I will be available to speak with your therapist upon your direct request.
  • I maintain a private workspace.

Safety and boundaries:

  • I will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during my session work with you.
  • I am happily married and my wife supports my work.  I have found that women feel this adds a level of safety for them.
  • I will create a safe space for you to be completely yourself with all of your vulnerability.
  • If you choose, sometimes partial or full nudity on your part may be appropriate to accelerate your growth. You are welcome to disrobe or not to your level of comfort. You will never be required to remove any clothing.
  • I will remain clothed at all times.
  • We will co-create each session throughout our work together.
  • Informed consent is important to me. Nothing will happen without your consent. You are in control of your experience. You will maintain full authority to stop any activity and/or end any session at any time for any reason.

Strictly professional relationship:

  • The relationship we develop will be strictly professional. As such, I will not date you or create a relationship outside of our professional one.
  • If I am unable to support you adequately, I will refer you to additional resources when possible.
  • I will terminate my professional services with you when my services are no longer required or no longer serve your needs and interests.


Who I am NOT in my professional capacity:

  • I am not a therapist or a healer, although, the the work we do has been acknowledged as therapeutic and/or healing.

Sexual boundaries that will NOT be crossed:

  • Having clear and strong boundaries are crucial to my practice.
  • Your boundaries will be protected and never questioned.
  • I will not have oral sex with you.
  • I will not kiss you.
  • I will never expose myself to you.
  • I will never have sexual intercourse with you.

What I do NOT offer:

  • I will not become romantically involved with my clients.

NO pressure, coercion, or control:

  • I will not tell you to stop dreaming.
  • I will not tell you that you are bad, wrong, or broken.
  • I will not tell you to stop crying, to stop being angry, or to stop feeling. Your feelings are vitally important to your growth. 
  • I will never manipulate you or pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do. On occasion discomfort may arise that can offer you the space to learn and grow.
  • I will support you to stay with the discomfort, even lean into it.
  • I will encourage you to walk your edge and will never take you past it.