Core Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™


Core Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ for transforming an ordinary sex life into erotic mastery! With the tools of Erotic Blueprints™ you are sure to begin the engineering process of pleasure. Everything in the course has a purposeful function that delivers. You will learn new techniques and how to apply them. You will learn the erotic language that gets you and your partner hot.


Erotic Blueprint Course™ includes:

  • 8 Weeks of In Depth Trainings modules with Jaiya and Ian
    • Week 1: Orgasmic Orientation
    • Week 2: Core Erotic Blueprints™
    • Week 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints
    • Week 4: Frequently Feeding the Blueprints
    • Week 5: Seductively Speaking the Blueprints
    • Week 6: Holistically Healing Blueprints
    • Week 7: Expertly Expanding the Blueprints
    • Week 8: Hot Sex for a Lifetime
  • Bonus #1: Lifetime Membership to the Erotic Freedom Club
  • Bonus #2: Empowered Erotic Persona Course
  • Bonus #3: Adventure Date Success System Handbook and Video Course

Once you purchase the course, you will be taken to the page to create your CEBB course account and can start creating your dream sex life!