Highly Customized Erotic Blueprint Coaching with Dan Powers


Create More Passion, Attraction, and Sexual Satisfaction

Your pleasure matters.

Your sexuality matters.

Your need for deeper connection and fulfillment matters.

You’ll be guided through every step of learning.

You will be provided practices to meet your unique needs and desires.


A bridge to successfully integrate the teachings into your sex and love life


Erotic Blueprints™ teaching customized for you

  • You will learn how to embody your Erotic Blueprints into your sex life
  • Use the Erotic Blueprints as a guide to expand your full erotic potential
  • Start with an understanding of where you are to how to get where you want to go
  • Create a specific plan of action and daily practice to meet your needs

Focusing on the Erotic Blueprints™ for your needs

  • Knowing and using your strengths to address your weak spots
  • Learning what shadows keep you from reaching your full potential
  • Understanding your Sexuality Stage and how that fits the plan to expand
  • With the goals in mind you will learn how to effectively deal with obstacles to a sustainable sex life

Modifications in real-time for your specific needs as they arise

  • Addressing those blindspots you don’t even know exist
  • Knowing how to shift your hindering patterns to more supportive thoughts and behavior
  • Recognize the inevitable missteps for course corrections

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Being personally guided weekly in how to implement what you’re learning from the course into your life,
will guarantee that you not only complete the course, but get the highest transformative value from it.

What Clients Say

“Going to some edges and discovering my pleasure, has quite simply changed the course of my life.
I found my voice, I let go of layers of shame, I reconnected to my vibrancy.”

“Dan helped me to see my beauty beyond my body’s flaws.
I feel sexy, alive, beautiful, powerful, and that I’m more than enough as I am.”

“I learned how to work with my body and engage with it to put myself in the best position
to receive more connection, sensations and pleasure than I ever have.”

Private Coaching through The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

Each week we will have between 60-90 minutes coaching session where we will go over the weekly objective of the module, review the home play, review the assignment, address any issues that arise, and answer questions you have relative to the work.

Our coaching sessions will set you on course of practices customized for you to achieve greater sexual satisfaction.

All sessions are conducted preferably on Zoom.

Coaching with Dan Powers


Dan uses his engineering mind to apply various human sexuality teachings when supporting his clients’ sexual and spiritual growth. He has an extensive background in human sexuality education and experience working with hundreds of individual clients and couples for the past fifteen years. Dan maintains a large toolbox of skills, techniques, and knowledge to help create specific solutions for you.

READ MORE about Dan’s approach and expertise.

  • Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker™
  • Elite Certified Tantra Educator
  • Wheel of Consent Workshop
  • Lafayette Morehouse Teachings
  • Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Levels 1-4
  • Sky Dancing Tantra School Teachings
  • Human Awareness Institute Teachings


To find out how a best solution can be engineer for you, contact Dan to schedule a FREE consultation.


“I am passionate about helping women and men to discover and reclaim their birthright to be the beautiful and powerful selves through their energy, spirit, sensuality and sexuality.”
~ Dan Powers

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